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News and Announcements

News and Announcements

LDF Files Amended Complaint in Employment Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit

Mar 11, 2021 / Press Release /
Today, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF), along with the law firm Outten & Golden LLP, filed an amended complaint in Mandala v. NTT, a class action lawsuit challenging discriminatory employment policies at one of the world’s largest information technology service providers. The complaint, which was filed in the New York State Supreme Court, argues that NTT Data (NTT)’s policy of refusing to hire applicants with a criminal record has an unlawful discriminatory effect on Black New Yorkers and otherwise violates New York state law. The plaintiff, George Mandala,...
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Fresh Direct Hit with Class Lawsuit Championed by Outten & Golden Over Criminal History Checks

May 4, 2020 / Press Release /
Two NYC job applicants to Fresh Direct, one who had already performed the work of the job for approximately five months, filed a class action lawsuit against the grocery delivery service alleging that they and others who were otherwise qualified to work for FreshDirect were illegally rejected based on the companies criminal history screening process in violation of the New York City Human Rights Law. FreshDirect has "instituted a sham process for evaluating applicants' criminal histories," it says. The complaint alleges violations of New York State and City civil rights laws requiring an...
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Macy's discriminates against black and Latino job candidates by considering minor convictions, suit says

Jul 9, 2019 / News Item /
Macy's discriminates against black and Latino people by firing or refusing to hire people who have past criminal convictions, even if the violations were minor, old or wouldn't impede an employee's ability to do a job, a lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges. The Fortune Society Inc., a nonprofit that helps people with criminal histories to find jobs and reintegrate in their communities, filed the suit in the Southern District of New York on behalf of Jenetta Rolfer on Wednesday. Rolfer, who is black, alleges in the suit that she was offered a job in the credit and customer service department at...
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New Lawsuit Alleges Macy’s Discriminates Against Black, Latino Employees in Its Hiring Practices

Jun 28, 2019 / Media Coverage /
If the allegations leveled against Macy’s in a recent lawsuit are true, the department store chain could be in serious trouble. NBC News reports that the Fortune Society Inc., a nonprofit that aids people with criminal records in securing employment and reintegrating into society, filed a lawsuit alleging Macy’s discriminates against black and brown employees. Specifically, Macy’s is being accused of either refusing to hire or terminating the employment of individuals with prior criminal convictions, regardless of the severity of their offense. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Jenetta...
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Non-Profit Files Class Action Against Macy’s Over Policies Toward Job Applicants, Employees with Criminal Histories

Jun 27, 2019 / Media Coverage /
CASE UPDATE June 27, 2019 - Statement from Macy's In response to the lawsuit, Macy's Chief Diversity Officer Shawn Outler sent the follow statement via email: "As a matter of company policy, we do not comment on pending litigation. Macy’s, Inc. is committed to an inclusive work culture that supports our company’s core values – Acceptance, Integrity, Respect and Giving Back. We believe we are strongest when all aspects of our business reflect the diversity of the customers and communities we serve. Company-wide, approximately 60% of our colleagues are ethnic minorities and...
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Macy’s Hit With Class Lawsuit Over Criminal History Checks

Jun 26, 2019 / News Item /
Macy’s Inc. illegally rejects job applicants, revokes job offers, and terminates employment based on old, minor, and unrelated criminal histories, a class action filed June 26 alleges. The retailer’s policies and practices “reinforce the racial discrimination present in the criminal justice system and result in unjustified racial disparities in employment opportunities,” it says. The complaint alleges violations of civil rights laws barring disparate impact discrimination, which focuses on neutral employment policies that have a disproportionately negative effect on workers based on race or...
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3rd Circ. Breathes New Life Into Job Applicants’ SEPTA Suit

Sep 11, 2018 / News Item /
Workers alleging they were improperly denied jobs due to the results of pre-employment background checks have standing to sue the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority under the Fair Credit Reporting Act for not providing them a copy of the reports before turning them down for jobs, the Third Circuit ruled Monday. In a precedential ruling, a three-judge panel upheld part of U.S. District Judge Petrese B. Tucker’s April 2017 decision tossing an allegation that SEPTA failed to properly inform a trio of would-be SEPTA employees of their FCRA rights when they weren’t hired because of...
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Third Circuit Rules in Plaintiffs' Favor, According to Outten & Golden LLP and Co-Counsel

Sep 11, 2018 / Press Release /
The Third Circuit ruled yesterday that job applicants have standing to sue under the Fair Credit Reporting Act in a criminal history lawsuit brought by plaintiffs against their prospective employer, SEPTA, says Outten & Golden LLPand a coalition of legal advocates. Filed in federal court in Philadelphia in 2016, the class action accuses SEPTA, the nation's sixth-largest public transportation system, of routinely rejecting job applicants based on information contained in reports obtained from background check companies. In finding that Plaintiffs have standing to sue, the Third Circuit...
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3rd Circ. Urged To Revive SEPTA Background Check Suit

Dec 12, 2017 / Media Coverage /
The Third Circuit was urged during oral arguments on Tuesday to revive class claims accusing the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority of failing to provide job applicants with a chance to respond to consumer reports detailing criminal histories that the agency said disqualified them from employment. Deeptak Guta, an attorney with Gupta Wessler PLLC representing the three lead plaintiffs in the case, argued that the trial court had created an insurmountable hurdle by requiring the would-be SEPTA workers to show that the reports, which they never received copies of, contained...
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